Bulked QTL-Seq identified a major QTL for the awnless trait in spring wheat cultivars in Qinghai, China

Dongxia Wang, Dong Cao, Yuan Zong, Yun Li, Jinmin Wang, Zongren Li & Baolong Liu
The awnless trait is the favorite trait for wheat breeding in Qinghai, China, but the major gene underlying the trait is unknown. This study aimed to analyze a recombinant inbred line (RIL) population containing 112 lines by crossing common wheat varieties GY448 (awnless) and GY115 (awned) using genotyping-by-sequencing analysis. A total of 56.62 Gb of clean sequence data were generated. A major gene was identified for the awnless trait based on 101,275 single-nucleotide polymorphisms by...
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