The pro-migration and anti-apoptosis effects of HMGA2 in HUVECs stimulated by hypoxia

Zhu-Lan Cai, Chen Liu, Qi Yao, Qing-We Xie, Tong-Tong Hu, Qing-Qing Wu & Qi-Zhu Tang
High-mobility group AT-hook2 (HMGA2), serving as an architectural transcription factor, participates in plenty of biological processes. Our study is aimed at illustrating the effect of HMGA2 on hypoxia-induced HUVEC injury and the underlying mechanism. To induce hypoxia-related cell injury, HUVECs were exposed to hypoxic condition for 12–24 h. Molecular expression was determined by Western blot analysis, real-time PCR and immunofluorescence staining. Cell migration was monitored by wound healing assay and Transwell chamber assay. Cell proliferation...
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