Age and composition of Neoproterozoic diabase dykes in North Altyn Tagh, northwest China: implications for Rodinia break-up

Yanguang Li, Shuguang Song, Xiaoyong Yang, Zi-Fu Zhao, Jinlong Dong, Xiaofeng Gao, Michael T.D. Wingate, Chao Wang, Meng Li & Mengqi Jin
Whether or not the Altyn Tagh terranes in northwest China were part of the Rodinia supercontinent is unclear due to the apparent absence of rift-related igneous rocks. We present U-Pb geochronology, mineral chemistry, whole-rock major and trace element and Sr-Nd isotope data for the Yapuqiasayi mafic dykes in the North Altyn Tagh. Zircon and baddeleyite from a mafic dyke sample yield indistinguishable U-Pb results and a weighted mean 207Pb/206Pb date of 740 ± 11 Ma,...
1 citation reported since publication in 2020.
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