Molecular characterization and functional properties of avenin-like b gene TuALPb7As in Triticum urartu

Dong Cao, Fahui Ye, Caixia Zhao, Jicheng Shen, Ruijuan Liu, Bo Zhang, Yuhu Shen, Huaigang Zhang, Baolong Liu & Wenjie Chen
Avenin-like storage proteins affect the rheological properties and processing quality of common wheat. Triticum urartu, the A-genome donor of polyploid wheat, shows abundant variation in its glutenin subunits. In this study, the variability in avenin-like b genes was evaluated in 74 T. urartu accessions. High levels of polymorphism were demonstrated in the analyzed sequence, resulting in the discovery of 18 novel TuALPb7A alleles (TuALPb7A-A–TuALPb7A-R). There were nucleotide sequence differences in 18 locations, which, due to...
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