Phytic acid modified N1923 solvent impregnated resins for adsorption of in(III)

Xuezhen Gao, Yuanyuan Wan, Junshen Liu, Xunyong Liu, Lei Guo & Shengxiao Zhang
In this paper, the primary amine extractant (N1923) was modified by phytic acid (PA), and then a novel solvent impregnated resins (SIRs) were prepared using PA modified N1923 as the extractant and styrene-divinylbenzene type macroreticular resin (HZ–803) as the support. Adsorption performance and adsorption mechanism of SIRs for In (III) was studied from hydrochloric acid medium. The SIRs were characterized by FTIR, SEM, BET, TGA and XPS. The effect of mass fraction of PA, solution...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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