Potent immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory bisindole alkaloids from Melodinus fusiformis

Lu Liu, Ming-Jun Xie, Wen-Bing Zhou, Jin-Tang Wang, Jia-Yi Wang, Afsar Khan, Ya-Ping Liu, Jian-Xin Cao, Gui-Guang Cheng & Wen-Yuan Mao
Phytochemical investigation of Melodinus fusiformis led to a new aspidosperma-aspidosperma bisindole alkaloid (BIA), bis-19β-hydroxyvenalstonidine (1), together with three known BIAs (2–4). The structures were established by extensive analysis of their HRESIMS, NMR data, and comparing with the reported data. BIA 1 is an almost symmetrical structure, linked by C3–C14’ bond, while BIAs 2–4 are reported for the first time from the plant. The cytotoxic, immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory activities of BIAs 1–4 were evaluated in vitro....
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