The mitochondrial genome of Chthamalus malayensis (Sessilia: Chthamalidae) and its molecular phylogeny within Cirripedia

Sheng Mao, Tian Ge, Yuefeng Cai, Nanjing Ji, Xue Kong & Xin Shen
Cirripedia is a lower crustacean that has an invaluable place in several aspects of intertidal ecology and anti-fouling research. In this study, we present the first mitochondrial genome of Chthamalus malayensis. The complete mitochondrial genome of C. malayensis is a circular molecule of 15,230 bp. In comparison to the pancrustacean ground pattern, the mitochondrial genome of C. malayensis has a deletion of the trnC gene. Phylogenetic analysis based on mitochondrial protein-coding genes showed that C....
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