Enhancement of the nitrogen-fixing activity of paddy soils owing to iron application

Yoko Masuda, Yutaka Shiratori, Hirotomo Ohba, Takanori Ishida, Ryo Takano, Sakura Satoh, Weishou Shen, Nan Gao, Hideomi Itoh & Keishi Senoo
Anaeromyxobacter and Geobacter, iron-reducing bacteria belonging to Deltaproteobacteria, are newly discovered nitrogen-fixing bacteria predominant in paddy soils. We hypothesized that adding ferric iron oxide as an electron acceptor for respiration of the iron-reducing bacteria could enhance the nitrogen-fixing activity of Anaeromyxobacter and Geobacter in paddy soils. In the soil microcosm study, soil nitrogen-fixing activity significantly increased after adding ferrihydrite or Fe2O3, ferric iron oxides, to the soil. In these soils, gene transcripts of nifD from...
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