Vegetation Carbon Accumulation Driven by Stand Characteristics and Climatic Factors in Subtropical Forests of Southeastern China

Zhipeng Ge, Weisong Wen, Lin Xu, Guangsheng Chen, Guomo Zhou, Biyong Ji, Yufeng Zhou, Guoliang Zhu & Yongjun Shi
Subtropical forests act as a carbon sink and play an important role in mitigating global warming. However, the understanding of the effects of stand characteristics and climatic factors on forest carbon sequestration capacity remains limited. Based on multiple regression analyses using structural equation modeling and plot-level data of coniferous and broadleaf forests from the national forest resource inventories, our study quantified vegetation carbon accumulation rate (VCAR) and the underlying influence pattern in Zhejiang Province, Southeastern...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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