Cytotoxicity and polyol pathway inhibitory activities of chemical constituents isolated from the pericarp of Toona sinensis

Rongshen Wang, Di Liu, Xiaoxiao Liu, Fan Liu, Lulu Xuan, Ying Tang & Wanzhong Li
Toona sinensis is a medicinal and edible plant that belongs to the genus Toona of family Meliaceae. Phytochemical investigations carried out on this plant, seven apotirucallane-type triterpenoids (1–7), two cycloartane-type triterpenoids (8–9), four sterols (10–13), two sesquiterpenes (14–15), four phenols (16–19), and one lignin (20) were isolated from the pericarp of T. sinensis by silica gel column and preparative middle pressure liquid chromatography. Their structures were identified by interpretation of NMR and comparison with those...
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