Study on the roles of melatonin in regulating dermal fibroblast growth in Liaoning cashmere goats by transcriptome sequencing

Mei Jin, Xinyue Qiu, Jing'ai Piao, Lijuan Zhang, Jun Piao & Fengqin Zhao
In this study, the genes related to the Downy growth of Liaoning cashmere goats were screened for their expression with simultaneous melatonin administration, so as to investigate the effects of target genes on the proliferation of skin fibroblasts in this animal species. Genes related to the villus growth of skin fibroblasts were screened by in vitro transcriptome sequencing and verified by qPCR. In addition, gene overexpression and interference were used to study the effects of...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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