Establishment of an anti-inflammation-based bioassay for the quality control of the 13-component TCM formula (Lianhua Qingwen)

Shuaishuai Chen, Xiaojuan Yang, Ziying Wei, Yanru Zhang, Ying Huang, Zhuo Shi, Ziteng Zhang, Jiabo Wang, Haizhu Zhang, Jianli Ma, Xiaohe Xiao & Ming Niu
Owing to the complexity of chemical ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is difficult to maintain quality and efficacy by relying only on chemical markers. Lianhua Qingwen capsule (LHQW) was selected as an example to discuss the feasibility of a bioassay for quality control. Network pharmacology was used to screen potential targets in LHQW with respect to its anti-inflammatory effects. An in vitro cell model was used to validate the prediction. An anti-inflammatory bioassay...
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