FOXG1 promotes aging inner ear hair cell survival through activation of the autophagy pathway

Zu-Hong He, Ming Li, Qiao-Jun Fang, Fu-Ling Liao, Sheng-Yu Zou, Xia Wu, Hai-Ying Sun, Xue-Yan Zhao, Yu-Juan Hu, Xiao-Xiang Xu, Sen Chen, Yu Sun, Ren-Jie Chai & Wei-Jia Kong
Presbycusis is the cumulative effect of aging on hearing. Recent studies have shown that common mitochondrial gene deletions are closely related to deafness caused by degenerative changes in the auditory system, and some of these nuclear factors are proposed to participate in the regulation of mitochondrial function. However, the detailed mechanisms involved in age-related degeneration of the auditory systems have not yet been fully elucidated. In this study, we found that FOXG1 plays an important...
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