Vinegar-processed Curcuma phaeocaulis promotes anti-angiogenic activity and reduces toxicity in zebrafish and rat models

Wan Liao, Yi Chen, Zongping Zhu, Jiao Chen, Tianhui Gao, Boonjai Limsila, Yenchit Techadamrongsin, Lei Wang, Jiali Yu, Chaomei Fu & Rui Li
Processing with vinegar could enhance the efficacy and reduce the toxicity of Curcuma phaeocaulis Valeton. (Zingiberaceae), a Chinese herbal medicine with anti-inflammatory and antitumor activities. This study investigated the vinegar processing effects by evaluating anti-angiogenic effect and toxicity of C. phaeocaulis through zebrafish and rat models. Zebrafish embryos (AB and FLk-GFP strain) were applied to evaluate toxicity, cardiotoxicity and anti-angiogenic activity of volatile oil, and water decoction of the raw and vinegar-processed C. phaeocaulis. Meanwhile,...
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