Genome-wide identification evolution and expression of vestigial-like gene family in chicken

Dan Hou, Panpan Qin, Xinran Niu, Tong Li, Bingjie Chen, Chengjie Wei, Zhenzhu Jing, Ruili Han, Hong Li, Xiaojun Liu, Yadong Tian, Donghua Li, Zhuanjian Li, Hanfang Cai & Xiangtao Kang
Vestigial-like (Vgll) genes are widespread in vertebrates and play an important role in muscle development. In this study, we used bioinformatics methods to systematically identify the chicken VGLL family in the whole genome and investigated its evolutionary history and gene structure features. Tissue expression spectra combined with real-time PCR data were used to analyze the organizational expression pattern of the genes. Based on the maximum likelihood method, a phylogenetic tree of the VGLL family was...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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