A biological and genomic comparison of a drug-resistant and a drug-susceptible strain of Candida auris isolated from Beijing, China

Shuru Fan, Ping Zhan, Jian Bing, Ning Jiang, Yingnan Huang, Dongke Chen, Tianren Hu, Han Du & Guanghua Huang
The fungal pathogen Candida auris has emerged as a new threat to human health. We previously reported the first isolate of C. auris (BJCA001) in China, which belongs to the South Asian clade (I) and was susceptible to all antifungals tested. In this study, we report the isolation of a drug-resistant C. auris strain (BJCA002) from the same city (Beijing). Strain BJCA002 belongs to the South African clade (III) and is resistant to fluconazole and...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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