Additional file 2 of Transcriptional dynamics of transposable elements when converting fibroblast cells of Macaca mulatta to neuroepithelial stem cells

Dahai Liu, Li Liu, Kui Duan, Junqiang Guo, Shipeng Li, Zhigang Zhao, Xiaotuo Zhang, Nan Zhou & Yun Zheng
Additional file 2 Supplementary Figure S1. The expression levels of LTRs in the Cluster L4 of Figure 3A. Supplementary Figure S2. The primers used to validate the expressions of 13 MacERV3 LTRs. (A) The alignment of the forward primer MacERV3_LTR2_34_F and the 13 MacERV3 LTRs. (B) The alignment of the reverse primer MacERV3_LTR2_34_R and the 13 MacERV3 LTRs. (C) The precise loci of the two primers in one of the selected MacERV3 LTRs, MacERV3_LTR2_34. Supplementary...
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