Molecular characterization and function analysis of the rice OsDUF1664 family

Lin Zhang, Dejia Hou, Chunliu Li, Xiaohong Li, Jiangbo Fan, Yilun Dong, Jianqing Zhu, Zhengjian Huang, Zhengjun Xu & Lihua Li
The functions of a large number of genes, including gene families with domains of unknown functions (DUF), still remain unclear. In this study, we analyzed four members of OsDUF1664 (OsDUF1664.1-OsDUF1664.4) in rice Nipponbare. By phylogenetic analysis, DUF1664 members in rice and Arabidopsis were classified into three major groups (I, II, III). Under drought conditions, the expression level of OsDUF1664.3 in rice was significantly elevated. Overexpression of OsDUF1664.3 in Escherichia coli led to a significant enhancement...
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