Perchlorate bioreduction in UASB reactor: S2--autotrophic granular sludge formation and sulfate generation control

Rui Zhao, Huaqiang Tao, Yuanyuan Song, Jianbo Guo, Zhi Chen, Caicai Lu, Yi Han, Haibo Li & Yanan Hou
Perchlorate (ClO4-) industrial wastewater requires efficient removal to prevent adverse environmental impacts, however, high concentration and low biodegradability give rise to poor ClO4- bioreduction performance. S2--autotrophic granular sludge (S2--AuGS) was firstly cultivated for high concentration perchlorate (ClO4-) removal in the Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) reactor (ClO4-: 150 mg·L-1). Simultaneously, the S2- was utilized to control the SO42- generation as electron donor, the effluent SO42- concentration (190 mg·L-1) was satisfied with drinking water standard (250...
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