Extraction and characterization of a functional protein from Millettia speciosa Champ. leaf

Si-Yuan Luo, Zhi Huang, Xi Chen, Min-Hua Zong & Wen-Yong Lou
Natural plant-derived protein with excellent bioactivities has attracted much attention so a functional protein with molecular weight of 15.2 kDa was extracted from Millettia speciosa Champ. leaf for the first time. Under the pH of 12.0, solid-liquid ratio of 1:40 (w/v), extraction time of 2.0 h, and extraction temperature of 50 °C, the highest extracting efficiency (79.25 ± 0.78%) of the Millettia speciosa Champ. leaf protein (MLP) was achieved. The main structure of MLP contained...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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