SRSF5 regulates alternative splicing of DMTF1 pre-mRNA through modulating SF1 binding

Jialiang Li, Guangyue Li, Yige Qi, Yao Lu, Hao Wang, Ke Shi, Dangdang Li, Jinming Shi, Daniel B. Stovall & Guangchao Sui
Among the three DMTF1 splicing isoforms, DMTF1α acts as a tumour suppressor through promoting p14ARF expression, while DMTF1β exhibits an oncogenic role likely through antagonizing DMTF1α. However, the molecular mechanism underlying alternative splicing of DMTF1 pre-mRNA has not been delineated. In the current study, we discovered SRSF5 as a regulatory protein binding to a region located between DMTF1β and α acceptor splice sites to promote DMTF1β and γ splicing. We demonstrated that SRSF5 expression positively...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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