Landscape of tissue-specific RNA Editome provides insight into co-regulated and altered gene expression in pigs (Sus-scrofa)

A.ADETULA ET AL. Abiola Adetula, Xinhao Fan, Yongsheng Zhang, Yilong Yao, Junyu Yan, Muya Chen, Yijie Tang, Yuwen Liu, Guoqiang Yi, Kui Li & Zhonglin Tang
RNA editing generates genetic diversity in mammals by altering amino acid sequences, miRNA targeting site sequences, influencing the stability of targeted RNAs, and causing changes in gene expression. However, the extent to which RNA editing affect gene expression via modifying miRNA binding site remains unexplored. Here, we first profiled the dynamic A-to-I RNA editome across tissues of Duroc and Luchuan pigs. The RNA editing events at the miRNA binding sites were generated. The biological function...
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