Vaginal progesterone for preterm birth prevention in women with arrested preterm labor

Heather A. Frey, Molly J. Stout, Mahmoud Abdelwahab, Methodius G. Tuuli, Candice Woolfolk, Alireza A. Shamshirsaz, George A. Macones & Alison G. Cahill
We tested the hypothesis that administration of vaginal progesterone in women with arrested preterm labor would result in lower rates of preterm birth <37 weeks compared to placebo. We performed a randomized, placebo-controlled trial comparing vaginal progesterone to placebo in women with arrested preterm labor. Our trial included women with a singleton or twin gestation at 240/7–336/7 weeks’ gestation who presented with preterm labor with cervical dilation ≥1 centimeter but remained undelivered. Participants were randomized...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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