Occurrence and diagnostic value of the Polypodium vulgare L. complex in the communities of Asplenietea trichomanis (Br. Bl. in Meier & Br. Bl. 1934) Oberd. 1977 class in Polish Sudety Mts and their foreland

Krzysztof Świerkosz
In 2009-2011, 298 relevés of plant rocky communities of Asplenietea trichomanis class were collected in the Sudety Mts and their foreland. Polypodium vulgare occurred in 93 relevés, i.e. in about one third of collected material, however the distribution and abundance of the species were not equal in all syntaxonomical units. The species was found in 56% of relevés representing Hypno-Polypodion vulgaris alliance, in 26% of relevés of Asplenion septentrionalis alliance, in the same percentage in...
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