Immunosuppressive effect of PLGA-FK506-NPs in treatment of acute cardiac rejection via topical subcutaneous injection

Cheng Deng, Qiaofeng Jin, Ya Wu, Huiling Li, Luyang Yi, Yihan Chen, Tang Gao, Wenyuan Wang, Jing Wang, Qing Lv, Yali Yang, Jia Xu, Wenpei Fu, Li Zhang & Mingxing Xie
FK506, a first-line immunosuppressant, is routinely administered orally and intravenously to inhibit activation and proliferation of T cells after heart transplantation (HT). Current administration route is not conducive enough to exert its efficacy in lymphatic system. Herein, we proposed that subcutaneous (SC) administration of FK506-loaded nanoparticles (PLGA-FK506-NPs) would be valuable for treating acute rejection after HT. The biodistribution and pharmacokinetic study revealed that it could effectively deliver FK506 to the lymph nodes (LNs) due to...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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