A pan-cancer analysis of the prognostic and immunological role of β-actin (ACTB) in human cancers

Yuxi Gu, Shouyi Tang, Zhen Wang, Luyao Cai, Haosen Lian, Yingqiang Shen & Yu Zhou
Beta-actin (ACTB), a highly conserved cytoskeleton structural protein, has been regarded as a common housekeep gene and used as a reference gene for years. However, accumulating evidence indicates that ACTB is abnormally expressed in multiple cancers and hence changes the cytoskeleton to affect the invasiveness and metastasis of tumors. This study aimed to investigate the function and clinical significance of ACTB in pan-cancer. The role of ACTB for prognosis and immune regulation across 33 tumors...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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