MicroRNA miR-19b-3p mediated G protein γ subunit 7 (GNG7) loss contributes lung adenocarcinoma progression through activating Hedgehog signaling

Xia Zhao, Xiang-cheng Zhang, Kui Zang & Zhi-hao Yu
G protein γ subunit 7 (GNG7) is a subunit of heterotrimeric G protein. It has been demonstrated low expressed GNG7 in various cancers. Nevertheless, the role of GNG7 in lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) remains unclear. In the present study, GNG7 expression in LUAD tissues and cell lines was analyzed by RT-qPCR, western blot and immunohistochemical. Kaplan–Meier analysis was performed for determining the prognostic value of GNG7 expression. Then, the function of GNG7 in LUAD progression was...
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