Spatiotemporal specificity of correlated DNA methylation and gene expression pairs across different human tissues and stages of brain development

Kangli Wang, Rujia Dai, Yan Xia, Jianghua Tian, Chuan Jiao, Tatiana Mikhailova, Chunling Zhang, Chao Chen & Chunyu Liu
DNA methylation (DNAm) that occurs on promoter regions is primarily considered to repress gene expression. Previous studies indicated that DNAm could also show positive correlations with gene expression. Both DNAm and gene expression profiles are known to be tissue- and development-specific. This study aims to investigate how DNAm and gene expression are coordinated across different human tissues and developmental stages, as well as the biological significance of such correlations. By analyzing 2,239 samples with both...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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