Tumor suppressor TET2 safeguards enhancers from aberrant DNA methylation and epigenetic reprogramming in ERα-positive breast cancer cells

Ruitu Lyu, Xuguo Zhu, Yinghui Shen, Lijun Xiong, Lu Liu, Hang Liu, Feizhen Wu, Christian Argueta & Li Tan
Aberrant DNA methylation is an epigenetic hallmark of malignant tumors. The DNA methylation level is regulated by not only DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs) but also Ten-Eleven Translocation (TET) family proteins. However, the exact role of TET genes in breast cancer remains controversial. Here, we uncover that the ERα-positive breast cancer patients with high TET2 mRNA expression had better overall survival rates. Consistently, knockout of TET2 promotes the tumorigenesis of ERα-positive MCF7 breast cancer cells. Mechanistically, TET2...
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