Sweeping analysis of transcript profile in Dengue virus serotype 3 infection and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Infection

Mingwang Long, Yue Pan, Junying Chen, Fan Jia, Han Wang, Daiying Li, Kai feng, Lingmei Yan, Xiaodan Wang, Xuelei Ning, Lijuan Qiu, Juan Zhang & Qiangming Sun
Dengue virus infection mainly causes dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and/or dengue shock syndrome (DSS). However, ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) is one of the main pathogenic factors, and its pathogenic mechanism has not been fully elucidated. Recently, with the development of high-throughput sequencing, an increased number of RNAs have been confirmed to play a vital regulatory role in the process of virus infection. However, there is a lack of research on dengue virus infection and ADE. In...
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