Comparison of EM-seq and PBAT methylome library methods for low-input DNA

Yanan Han, Galina Yurevna Zheleznyakova, Yanara Marincevic-Zuniga, Majid Pahlevan Kakhki, Amanda Raine, Maria Needhamsen & Maja Jagodic
DNA methylation is the most studied epigenetic mark involved in regulation of gene expression. For low input samples, a limited number of methods for quantifying DNA methylation genome-wide has been evaluated. Here, we compared a series of input DNA amounts (1-10ng) from two methylome library preparation protocols, enzymatic methyl-seq (EM-seq) and post-bisulfite adaptor tagging (PBAT) adapted from single-cell PBAT. EM-seq takes advantage of enzymatic activity while PBAT relies on conventional bisulfite conversion for detection of...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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