A practical guide to patient position and complication management in neurosurgery: a systematic qualitative review

Alessandro De Cassai, Federico Geraldini, Francesco Zarantonello, Nicolò Sella, Sebastiano Negro, Giulio Andreatta, Michele Salvagno, Annalisa Boscolo, Paolo Navalesi & Marina Munari
Adequate patient positioning is of paramount importance in neurosurgery. Complications related to the position are common and make up for more than 16% of the claims towards anaesthesiologists and neurosurgeons. This paper aims to provide the anaesthesiologist with a practical guide to avoid common pitfalls related to the patient positioning process. We performed a systematic review of the medical literature for the identification, screening, and inclusion of articles. The bibliographic search was conducted on June...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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