Early Cretaceous mafic enclaves from the Jiaodong Peninsula of NNE China and what they reveal about lithospheric melts and granodiorite genesis: the Yashan example

Kadio Aka D. Koua, Huashan Sun, Huan Li, Zhanke Li, Hui Yang, Qingming Sun, Ohouo Rebecca Mondah & Koffi Alexis N’dri
Mafic microgranular enclaves (MMEs) are hosted by the Early Cretaceous granitic plutons from the Jiaodong Peninsula and are crucial for constraining the petrogenesis of these plutons and understanding the lithospheric evolution in the eastern North China Craton (NCC). This paper presents new geochronological, bulk-rock geochemistry, and Sr-Nd-Hf isotope data for Yashan granodiorite and its MMEs in an effort to build an integrated model of the geodynamic setting during the Early Cretaceous. Zircon U–Pb dating indicates...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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