Cessation of collisional tectonism and rapid crustal uplift recorded by 430–420 Ma igneous rocks in the South Kunlun belt, northwest China

Jing Chen, Bing-Zhang Wang, Fu-Cheng Yu, Jie Han & Wu-Fu Li
The Wanbaogou granitic plutons are exposed along with coeval volcanic rocks, and provide an opportunity to investigate Silurian tectonism in the South Kunlun belt, northwest China. This study presents new whole-rock geochemical, and zircon U–Pb geochronological and Lu–Hf isotope data for Silurian intrusive rocks of the Wanbaogou area. We analysed four samples: a porphyritic monzogranite and dioritic dike from the Wanbaogou pluton and a granodiorite and monzogranite from the Wudaogou pluton. Zircon U–Pb dating yielded...
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