Cryogenian crustal evolution in western Nigeria shield: whole-rock geochemistry, Sr-Nd and zircon U-Pb-Hf isotopic evidence from Bakoshi-Gadanya granites

Safiyanu Muhammad Elatikpo, Huan Li, Han Zheng, Musa Bala Girei, Jinghua Wu & Abdulgafar Kayode Amuda
The Bakoshi-Gadanya area, with widespread Neoproterozoic granites, is located within the Pan-African Trans-Sahara Belt, sandwiched between the West African and the Sahara metacraton. The whole-rock geochemistry, Sr-Nd isotope systematics and LA-(MC)-ICP-MS U-Pb-Hf isotopes of zircon were analysed to shed light on the age and genesis of the Bakoshi-Gadanya granites in the Precambrian basement of the northern western Nigeria shield. The granites are silicic (SiO2: 72.8–77.2 wt.%), ferroan, high-K, calc-alkalic to alkali-calcic in composition, with A-type...
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