Nucleo-cytoplasmic RNA distribution responsible for maintaining neuroinflammatory microenvironment

Yuyan Liao, Chenghao Kuang, Zheng Bao, Yijing He, Long Gu, Qianke Tao, Xiancheng Qiu, Ghosh Dipritu, Xi Kong, Lifang Zhang, Jianhua Peng, Yong Jiang & Shigang Yin
Subcellular localization of transcripts is highly associated with regulation of gene expression, synthesis of protein, and also the development of the human brain cortex. Although many mechanisms are prevalent in the occurrence of neuroinflammation, the mechanisms based on differences in subcellular localization of transcripts have not been explored. To characterize the dynamic profile of nuclear and cytoplasmic transcripts during the progress of haemorrhage-induced neuroinflammation, we isolated nucleo-cytoplasmic RNA fractions of oxyhaemoglobin (oxy-Hb) treated microglia cells...
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