Cyclodextrin metal-organic framework as vaccine adjuvants enhances immune responses

Congcong Li, Chaoxi Chen, Yucai Wei, Min Tan, Shuo Zhai, Juebo Zhao, Lu Wang & Tao Dai
It is urgently needed to develop novel adjuvants for improving the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), with high surface area, play an important role in drug delivery. With perfect biocompatibility and green preparation process, the γ-cyclodextrin metal-organic framework (γ-CD-MOF) fabricated with cyclodextrin and potassium suitable for antigen delivery. In this study, we modified γ-CD-MOF with span-85 to fabricate the SP-γ-CD-MOF as animal vaccine adjuvants. The ovalbumin (OVA) as the model antigen was...
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