Early Cretaceous rapid exhumation processes in the southern Great Xing’an Range, NE China: implications for extensional geodynamics

Wen Zhang, Shuangfeng Zhao, Wen Chen, Jingbo Sun, Ze Shen, Qiuyi Du & Zhi Li
The Mesozoic-Cenozoic geological evolution of the southern Great Xing’an Range (GXR) has long been controversial since it is located in the superposed region of different tectonic regimes and involves complex interactions. Here, we present low-temperature thermochronological data from granitoids emplaced in multiple magmatic stages to delineate the tectono-thermal history and further understand the geodynamic process. Most zircon and apatite (U-Th)/He ages, within error, indicate Early Cretaceous: the zircon average (U-Th)/He ages range from 146.7 ±...
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