A plant cell wall-associated kinase encoding gene is dramatically downregulated during nematode infection of potato

Shiyan Chen, Lili Cui & Xiaohong Wang
Plant cell wall associated kinases (WAKs) and WAK-like kinases (WAKLs) have been increasingly recognized as important regulators of plant immunity against various plant pathogens. However, the role of the WAK/WAKL family in plant-nematode interactions remains to be determined. Here, we analyzed a WAK-encoding gene (Soltu.DM.02G029720.1) from potato (Solanum tuberosum). The Soltu.DM.02G029720.1 encoded protein contains domains characteristic of WAK/WAKL proteins and shows the highest similarity to SlWAKL2 from tomato (S. lycopersicum). We thus named the gene...
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