Preparation, Characterization of Carboxyl Polyaldehyde Sugars and Application as Innovative Anti-crease Finishing Agents for Cotton Fabric

Jiangfei Lou, Dan Wang & Xuerong Fan
We have designed and prepared four new cellulose cross-linking agents using NaClO/NaBr/TEMPO and sodium periodate selective catalytic oxidation systems. First, the primary hydroxyl group of sucrose, trehalose, maltose, or lactose was carboxylated through NaClO/NaBr/TEMPO system, and then sodium periodate was used to selectively oxidize the carboxyl compound to obtain carboxyl polyaldehyde sugars. They contained multiple aldehyde groups and carboxyl groups in the molecule, had high reactivity, and can be covalently cross-linked with cellulose. To evaluate...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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