Prostate-specific membrane antigen modulates the progression of prostate cancer by regulating the synthesis of arginine and proline and the expression of androgen receptors and Fos proto-oncogenes

Xi Hong, Liang Mao, Luwei Xu, Qiang Hu & Ruipeng Jia
The expression of prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) is strikingly upregulated during oncogenesis and prostate cancer (PCa) progression, but the functions of this antigen in PCa remain unclear. Here, we constructed PSMA-knockdown LNCaP and 22rv1 cell lines and performed metabonomic and transcriptomic analyses to determine the effects of PSMA on PCa metabolism and transcription. The metabolism of arginine and proline was detected using specific kits. The mRNA and protein expression levels of the identified differentially expressed...
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