Network pharmacology and in vitro experimental verification to explore the mechanism of Sanhua decoction in the treatment of ischaemic stroke

Wei Zhang, Li Zhang, Wen jun Wang, Shanbo Ma, Mingming Wang, Minna Yao, Ruili Li, Wei wei Li, Xian Zhao, Dongmei Hu, Yi Ding & Jingwen Wang
Stroke is an illness with high morbidity, disability and mortality that presents a major clinical challenge. Sanhua decoction (SHD) has been widely used to treat ischaemic stroke in the clinic. However, the potential mechanism of SHD remains unknown. To elucidate the multitarget mechanism of SHD in ischaemic stroke through network pharmacology and bioinformatics analyses. Network pharmacology and experimental validation approach was used to investigate the bioactive ingredients, critical targets and potential mechanisms of SHD against...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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