Second generation β-elemene nitric oxide derivatives with reasonable linkers: potential hybrids against malignant brain glioma

Renren Bai, Junlong Zhu, Ziqiang Bai, Qing Mao, Yingqian Zhang, Zi Hui, Xinyu Luo, Xiang-Yang Ye & Tian Xie
Elemene is a second-line broad-spectrum anti-tumour drug that has been used in China for more than two decades. However, its main anti-tumour ingredient, β-elemene, has disadvantages, including excessive lipophilicity and relatively weak anti-tumour efficacy. To improve the anti-tumour activity of β-elemene, based on its minor molecular weight character, we introduced furoxan nitric oxide (NO) donors into the β-elemene structure and designed six series of new generation β-elemene NO donor hybrids. The synthesised compounds could effectively...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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