Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells-derived exosomal microRNA-124-3p attenuates hypoxic-ischemic brain damage through depressing tumor necrosis factor receptor associated factor 6 in newborn rats

Weijie Min, Yina Wu, Yibin Fang, Bo Hong, Dongwei Dai, Yu Zhou, Jianmin Liu & Qiang Li
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)-derived exosomes (Exo) are beneficial in the use of brain damages. Restrictively, the mechanism of Exo expressing miR-124-3p in hypoxic-ischemic brain damage (HIBD) is not completely comprehended. Thereupon, this work was put forward to reveal the action of bone marrow MSCs-derived Exo (BMSCs-Exo) expressing miR-124-3p in the illness. BMSCs were isolated and transfected with miR-124-3p agomir. Then, BMSCs-Exo were extracted and identified. The newborn HIBD rats were injected with miR-124-3p-modified BMSCs-Exo or...
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