Genome-wide identification and expression pattern analysis of the TCP transcription factor family in Ginkgo biloba

Li Yu, Qiangwen Chen, Jiarui Zheng, Feng Xu, Jiabao Ye, Weiwei Zhang, Yongling Liao & Xiaoyan Yang
Plant-specific TCP transcription factors play an essential role in plant growth and development. They can regulate leaf curvature, flower symmetry and the synthesis of secondary metabolites. The flavonoids in Ginkgo biloba leaf are one of the main medicinally bioactivate compounds, which have pharmacological and beneficial health effects for humans. In this study, a total of 13 TCP genes were identified in G. biloba, and 5 of them belonged to PCF subclades (GbTCP03, GbTCP07, GbTCP05, GbTCP13,...
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