Circular RNA 0000654 facilitates the growth of gastric cancer cells through absorbing microRNA-149-5p to up-regulate inhibin-beta A

Han Liu & Wen Dai
Circular (circ) RNAs are differentially expressed in gastric cancer (GC) and participate in the biological growth of tumor cells. Given that, investigations were performed to unravel the function of circ_0000654 in GC. GC tissue and normal tissue specimens were obtained, in which circ_0000654, microRNA (miR)-149-5p, and inhibin-beta A (INHBA) levels were examined. GC cell line (BGC-823) was transfected to alter circ_0000654 and miR-149-5p expression, thereby observing cell malignancy. Stably-transfected BGC-823 cells were injected into nude...
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