MERS-CoV nsp1 impairs the cellular metabolic processes by selectively downregulating mRNAs in a novel granules

Zhaoyi Pan, Yujie Feng, Zhihui Wang, Zhengyang Lei, Qiuju Han & Jian Zhang
MERS-CoV infection can damage the cellular metabolic processes, but the underlying mechanisms are largely unknown. Through screening, we found non-structural protein 1 (nsp1) of MERS-CoV could inhibit cell viability, cell cycle, and cell migration through its endonuclease activity. Transcriptome sequencing revealed that MERS-CoV nsp1 specifically downregulated the mRNAs of ribosomal protein genes, oxidative phosphorylation protein genes, and antigen presentation genes, but upregulated the mRNAs of transcriptional regulatory genes. Further analysis shown nsp1 existed in a...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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