Late paleozoic–mesozoic subduction and accretion of the paleo-pacific plate: insights from the ocean plate stratigraphy of the wandashan accretionary complex, NE China

Yong Liang, Han Zheng, Huan Li, Michael W. Förster & Zhihan Li
The Wandashan accretionary complex (AC) is located in the easternmost part of Northeast China and consists of the Raohe complex in the east and Yuejinshan complex in the west. It represents an excellent location for insights into Paleo-Pacific subduction and accretion processes. However, the protolith (mainly contains Ocean Plate Stratigraphy ‘OPS’ and ophiolite) nature and tectonic evolution of the Wandashan AC are under debate. This contribution reports three representative geological sections, conducts the OPS reconstruction,...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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