Exosomes from miR-374a-5p-modified mesenchymal stem cells inhibit the progression of renal fibrosis by regulating MAPK6/MK5/YAP axis

Mingzhu Liang, Di Zhang, Danna Zheng, Wenfang He & Juan Jin
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) in clinical is defined as a gradual loss of kidney function for more than 3 months. The pathologic course of CKD is characterized by extensive renal fibrosis; thus, preventing renal fibrosis is vital for the treatment of CKD. It has been reported that microRNA (miR)-374a-5p was under-expressed in renal venous blood samples from patients with CKD. In addition, it exhibited anti-apoptotic effects in renal tissues suggesting that miR-374a-5p may play an...
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