Overexpression of LtKNOX1 from Lilium tsingtauense in Nicotiana benthamiana affects the development of leaf morphology

Rui Zhou, Menglong Fan, Mei Zhao, Xinqiang Jiang & Qinghua Liu
Leaves are the main vegetative organs of the aboveground part of plants and play an important role in plant morphogenesis. KNOTTED-LIKE HOMEOBOX (KNOX) plays a crucial role in regulating leaf cell fate and maintaining leaf development. In this study, we analyzed LtKNOX1 from Lilium tsingtauense and illustrated its function in transgenic plants. Tissue-specific expression analysis indicated that LtKNOX1 was highly expressed in stems, young flower buds, and shoot apical meristems (SAMs). Ectopic overexpression of LtKNOX1...
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